Kovac, Boris - Mirror of the Voice (artist released CDR)

Boris Kovac is a marvelous composer from Serbia. He released 1 CD on ReR and two on Victo (and I luckily managed to see him and his ensemble when they performed at the Victoriaville Festival in the late 80s), but he's really very little known here. The good news is that we have a modest number of this fine release to sell. The bad news is that these are CDRs, but, unfortunately, that's the only way to get this music.

"The Three Stages of a Creative Journey: In my creative development I distinguish three essential stages, those of House, Way and Being. On the one hand, these stages correspond to certain periods in life and thus position themselves into life`s linear temporal flow, right from the firs up to the third; but on the other hand, these stages are in many a respect simultaneous, they initiate and illuminate one another, so that it is only their interrelationship that makes dramatical structure of that creative "journey" possible. Every stage possesses its own integrity, but only when related to the other ones, actually, to the whole."-Boris Kovac
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