Kraan - Finkenbach Festival 2005

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I saw Kraan for the first times at festivals in 2003 and 2004; in other words just a little before this recording. After many years of being apart, this unique German progressive band (not Krautrock, not symphonic rock, very recognizable) showed a truly renewed and invigorated presence and spirit, which you can hear here!

“Great concert recording (2005) of the legendary (fusion) rock formation KRAAN featuring HATTLER, WOLBRANDT, BISCHOF & FRIDE from the Finkenbach Festival. This live album will be released in a limited digipack (1000 copies worldwide).
The formation KRAAN, founded in Ulm in 1970, whose musical credits include timeless album classics such as 'Andy Nogger', 'Let It Out' or 'Flyday', is still one of the pioneering representatives of the cross-border (fusion) rock genre. With their innovative mix of rock and jazz, enriched with psychedelic, world and funk elements, they have been delighting their fans both live and in the studio ever since.
A concert recording of their acclaimed live performance at the legendary Finkenbach Festival from 2005 has now been released and the fantastically well-rehearsed formation presented inspired versions of band classics such as 'Vollgas Ahoi', 'Yaqui Yagua', 'Hallo Ja Ja, I Don 't Know', 'Borgward', 'Nam Nam' (in an almost 18-minute version) and 'Kraan Arabia' (with a guest appearance by GURU-GURU legend MANI NEUMEIER).
With 'Jerk Of Life' and 'Unser Lied', this live album also offers two exclusive bonus tracks. The compositions, which are always transparently staged, draw their special fascination from the unmistakable interplay of atmospherically weightless jazz harmonies and melodically gripping rock themes, which is typical for the band. The mostly instrumental songs, which sound wonderfully fresh, relaxed and at the same time electrifying, leave enough room for spontaneity and inspired improvisational interactions of the musicians, who are usually enthusiastic about playing. This performance also documents one of KRAAN's last performances with keyboarder INGO BISCHOF, who died in January 2019.”
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