Kraan - Nachtfahrt (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Influential and legendary German Krautrock/Jazzrock band formed around Hellmut Hattler, Jan Wolbrandt, Jan Friede and Johannes Pappert in 1967. Originally playing a hybrid of free jazz (influenced by the likes of Pharaoh Sanders and Frank Zappa) the members lived communally and worked on tightening up their sound, as well as other art projects, for close to five years before recording and releasing their jazz/psychedelic debut album under the name Kraan (meaning ‘faucet’ in Dutch). The balance of the 70s found Kraan constantly touring and releasing a string of highly acclaimed and eccentric jazz/funk/rock/improv/fusion albums, including their opus 1974 live album, that became one of the most popular recordings in Germany at the time. Kraan records are never easy to pigeonhole, let alone describe and each is a masterwork, sounding unique unto itself. Following further albums and much gigging into the eighties, as well as a few personal changes, Kraan took a break! in the 90s before reuniting and once again becoming an active and welcome vehicle in the live scene."

"Pretty much overlooked effort from 1982. The deal with Kraan has always been this - most of any given album features a good chunk of smoking hot fusion. The rest is often oddball vocal pieces that don't usually work out too well. Nachtfahrt fits the scheme as well. When it's spot on it features chops, chops, and more chops. Otherwise when guitarist Peter Wolbrandt sings it's time to hit the "next track" button on the remote."-Ken Golden
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