Kroesen, Jill - I Really Want To Bomb You: 1972 – 1984 : 2 x CDs

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A CD release of what was either the weirdest album ever released on Lovely Music or the most normal. Or both. Plus much more rare and never-heard stuff!

“The first ever collection of Jill Kroesen’s wildly inventive & often dystopian compositions from ‘72 through ‘84. Includes her art rock master-piece ‘Stop Vicious Cycles’, her coveted ‘80 single, an equal amount of unissued treasures, and copious liner notes.”

“Her voice is large, unique, and charismatic. Her presence is charming and flirty. One can’t help but be drawn in. When she sings about fascism and dictators and bad boyfriends, the audience almost blushes. The songs are authentic, and there is always a shock of recognition.
This record could serve as a who's who of the New York downtown scene. Bill Laswell (Material) plays bass. Peter Gordon (Love of Life Orchestra) plays sax. Jody Harris (Raybeats) plays guitar. David Van Tieghem (LOLO, Steve Reich) percus-ses. Fred Smith (Television, Tom Verlaine) plays bass. Composer George Lewis plays trombone. The music? Basically torch songs, with a strong blues beat and a lot of atmospheric noise in the background.
Kroesen, a former Love of Lifer herself, here sings her own breed of wordy dirges-more a running recitative than individual songs. Socio-political concern rears its ugly head, but pianist "Blue" Gene Tyranny can really play the blues. For those who liked Patti Smith's "Pissing in a River.”-Trouser Press (issue 91, 1983 in reference to Stop Vicious Cycles
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