Kruzenshtern i Parohod - Noize 2005

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"Kruzenshtern I Parohod is one of the most important bands in the Israeli underground music scene. They have been playing together for 10 years, presenting a unique combination of Klezmer, Jazz and Hardcore-punk performing in Israel and all over the world.

KIP’s fourth release is actually a documentation from the band’s earlier days, just before they became a quartet - when they were playing as a bass+ vocals/clarinet/drums trio

It is a “live studio” album, and all compositions on it were recorded in one take in less than 3 hours. It captures the trio louder and more aggressive than ever, while playing pieces from their first two albums.

This record is an excellent raw Klezmer-core music piece, played by musicians with accuracy skills of well trained classical musicians and energy of a filthy garage band. This album allows the listeners the closest as it get to a live concert experience in a studio album. It is well recommended for veteran fans of the band and for new listeners as well."
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