Kultivator - Bardomens Stigar (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

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This quite rare 1981 release (only 500 made on lp) has rightly gained itself a good reputation for its unusual mixing of Zeuhl and Canterbury elements, as well as Swedish folk! The bass and drums churn in the background, setting up Zeuhl-inspired rhythms, while the organ and electric piano, along with the wordless female vocals definitely strike up a serious Canterbury flavor.
It was reissued in the early 1990s and then again in 2008 on CD, but those versions have been unavailable for a long time. This latest version has a second disc which is quite enticing: First there are 3 bonus tracks, including a very good track recorded by the entire reunited band in 1992 (11 years later), as well as two live tracks from the original band’s lifetime. THEN there is an additional 20 minutes by the entire reunited band again, this time recorded in 2006 (so, 25 years later!). The sound is quite different from their music of 25 years earlier, but it's still rather recognizably them.

"This album was once described to me as "National Health with Magma bass," and after giving it some weeks of focused listening, I think that description pretty much holds up, though slightly oversimplified. There are a wealth of other influences here, especially hints of Scandinavian folk music and traces of old-school RIO. Still, the enchanting Canterbury sensibility pinned down by a throbbing rhythm section replete with growling, unrelenting basslines is the most striking, and ultimately most attractive, feature of Barndomens Stigar. Unfortunately, this is the only album that Kultivator did, yet stands on its own as one of the finest albums to come out of Sweden, or all of Scandinavia for that matter."-Greg Northrup/Gnosis-Giant Progweed
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