L'Epée, Frédérick - The Empty Room

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“Frédéric L’Épée is a French guitarist and composer who is best known for founding the progressive rock band Shylock in 1974 (reformed again since 2012), the guitar band Philharmonie in 1988, the instrumental quartet Yang in 2002, and the acoustic rock band Lobotonics in 2008.
He is also a solo performer, a contemporary composer, and takes part in several collective projects.
This is his latest release and folks who like the intertwining guitar sound of Yang and Philharmonie are pretty certain to enjoy this as it comes sort of right down in the middle of the similarities between the two bands!

“This is an interesting set of pieces. While the instrumentation is mainly (though not solely) that of a rock power trio; the pieces themselves are more nuanced and disparate. They range from the very heavy to an almost experimental ambient. I enjoy M. L'Épée's work.”
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