La Mar Enfortuna - Convivencia

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"Featuring the velvety vocals of Jennifer Charles and the imaginative arrangements of Oren Bloedow, this is an original blend of pop, funk and rock. Their first Tzadik CD, La Mar Enfortuna is a sensuous and lyrical interpretation of traditional Sephardic melodies and is one of the best selling cds in the Tzadik catalog. This is the long awaited follow up and features Oren and Jennifer along with some of the best young players out of the downtown scene."
Oren Bloedow guitar, bass, vocals, oud
Jennifer Charles vocals, omnichord
Brahim Fribgane oud, dumbek, vocals
Ted Reichman accordion, bass, piano
Doug Weiselman clarinets, baritone sax
Robert Dipietro drums
  • LabelTzadik
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