La Tène - L’Abandonnée

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This is an almighty drone release from a Swiss band. If you love “Outside The Dream Syndicate”, you won’t believe this one, as hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes buzz and drone on top of simple rhythms. YOW!

“Four slabs of impossibly heavy medieval folk-drone (or whatever, the specific genres are secondary here. First and foremost, this is sheer weight in auditory form). The length and repetition of these compositions produces a mesmerizing & hypnotic effect that will barrage and pound you into nothingness. The soundtrack to end times, highly recommended for drone or doom fans, or just heavy music in general...Abandonnée/Maléja is an exquisite collection of apocalyptic drones masterfully performed by folk instruments with more intensity than any metal artist could hope to achieve.”-rateyourmusic
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