Lacy, Steve - The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint and Soul Note 6 x CD box set

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This has a number of good titles by the great man that have been hard to find for a number of years. Lacy is someone I came late to, and for whom his huge discography is utterly overwhelming. But I've got a bunch now that I really treasure. So, if only for me personally, I am happy to see this come out!

"Saxophonist and composer Steve Lacy came to prominence in the 1950s as a progressive Dixieland musician and went on to a long and prolific career. He worked extensively in experimental jazz and dabbled in free improvisation, but Lacy's music was typically melodic and tightly-structured."

The albums are: Only Monk, More Monk, Sempre Amore, Communique, The Flame, The Window

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  • LabelBlack Saint
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