Laghonia - Etcetera (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Make a list of your top ten 70s Peruvian prog bands, and Laghonia cannot fail to be at the top, while their fans unanimously agree that they reached the zenith of their musical powers with this incredible work, their second album. The first track 'Someday' is included on the 'Love, Peace and Poetry' Latin American psych comp, and I think anyone who's heard it will agree it is one of the classics of early 70s psych-prog.
The album is from 1971, and is not psych in the sense of late sixties psych, but with the echo and some effects added, it is certainly in a class of its own, and is quite different from your average early 70s rock or prog band.
It is a crime that this incredible album has not reached a wider audience by now. I have yet to hear their first album 'Glue', but apparently this second album is the better of the two by a long shot.”
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