Lana Trio - With Sofia Jernberg

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Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø trombone
Kjetil Jerve piano
Andreas Wildhagen drums and percussion
Sofia Jernberg voice

"With the instrumentation drums, piano and trombone, Lana trio is unique in Norwegian measures and rare everywhere else. The trio plays intuitive and uncompromising improvisations, resulting in music ranging from everything to almost nothing. Since their reformation in 2012, Lana Trio have played extensively throughout Europe and further afield, including two tours of Japan. They have released two records; “Lana trio” (2013) and “Live in Japan” (2014)
Lana trio is an experimental ensemble and a forum for continuous personal and social process. Andreas, Henrik and Kjetil started playing together quickly after meeting in 2007, and extensively explored how parameters like density, velocity, texture and dynamics could be stretched in order to create different possibilities for musical interplay. The trio have worked both with graphical notation and so called free improvisation, and plays music that draws inspiration from many of life's aspects.
When thinking about a collaborator for the trio's third record, Sofia Jernberg became a natural choice, holding the ability to both merge seamlessly with the trio's music, and provide her strong personality to push the trio in different directions. The quartet in real time is a continuous energy stream, like an organism on the edge of breakdown, only controlled through a great collective calm and an acceptance of the unpredictable.
Sofia Jernberg is a singer and composer, born in Ethiopia in 1983. She grew up in Sweden, Ethiopia and Vietnam, and is currently based in two cities: Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden.
Sofia is active in a wide field of music. She co-leads and composes for modern jazz octet Paavo and contemporary quartet The New Songs. Sofia has performed Arnold Schönberg’s ”Pierrot Lunaire”, and sang Salvatore Sciarrinos "Lohengrin" in 2014. One of her deepest interests as a singer is to develop the “instrumental” possibilities of the voice. After many years of work in this direction, experimenting with the role of the voice in an ensemble, she is now a permanent member in several groups that use the voice in this manner. Sofia’s singing vocabulary includes sounds and techniques that often contradict a natural singing style. She has dug deep into split tone singing, pitchless singing and distorted singing. As an improviser, Sofia appears in many different constellations, but regularly in duo with cellist Lene Grenager; as a composer, her main focus lies in the blending of improvisation and composition.
Besides composing for her own ensembles, she regularly gets commissions from others. In the near future collaborations with chamber ensemble DuoEgo, The Peärls Before Swïne and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra are awaiting."
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