Lard Free - I'm Around About Midnight vinyl lp (due to size and weight, for sale in the USA only)

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Classic, great, early and wild experimental avant/progressive rock band, led by drummer/composer Gilbert Artman, before he formed Urban Sax. This one has Richard Pinhas on (part of it? all of it? never been quite certain) and there is overlap with the material HE was doing simultaneously with It's Always Rock 'n' Roll. A classic. Beautiful reproduction, including the gatefold sleeve.

"Lard Free's second LP, I'm Around About Midnight, was recorded in Paris in a three day session and released in 1975, also on Vamp. There is a totally different line-up from that of the first LP and it features long time friend Richard Pinhas, with whom Artman explores (in his own way) some sound passages of strong Heldon inspiration, although in a less immediate register, building an organic layered sound that emanates a certain shadowy formal beauty. The strong Artman-Pinhas connection is also confirmed by the inclusion on Heldon's Third of the track 'Pale violence under a reverbere', on a different mix and different title, 'M├ęchamment rock.' Featuring : Gilbert Artman (drums, percussions, vibes, hammond organ, steinway piano, tenor sax), Richard Pinhas (guitars, bass guitar, arp synthetisers, synthi vks 3), Alain Audat (synthi vks 3, tenor sax, clb), Antoine Duvernot (alto sax, flute)."
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