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Lazro, Daunik/Joelle Leandre/Paul Lovens/Carlos Zingaro - Madly You

Daunik Lazro-alto & baritone saxes, Joelle Leandre-bass, Paul Lovens-percussion & musical saw, Carlos Zingaro-violin. Recorded live 3/21/2001. "Instead of machine gunning the listener, letting him or her in on an inside joke, or testing their polemical rigor, the ensemble directly communicates their passion. Additionally, these improvisations exude an impulsive, mercurial quality, the sense that the direction of the music could go almost anywhere at anytime. Subsequently, the listener is drawn into the unfolding of the music on its terms, not the ideologues."-Bill Shoemaker (from the liner notes)
  • LabelPotlatch
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