Lazuli - Reponse Incongrue a L'ineluctable

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Brand new, self released album by this very eclectic French progressive band. They are a sextet, led by Claude Leonetti who invented and plays a stringed instrument called the Leode. There's also Warr guitar, 2 guitarists, mallet percussion and percussion. There's a lot of the drama that you find in French prog bands (think Ange) but there's a lot of modern King Crimson in them as well.

"Following up the excellent En Avant Doute, Lazuli's new album retains and develops upon their characteristic sound. The compositions are longer and more complex, and the band has drawn on some interesting influences. In particular, On Nous Ment Comme On Respire has a Middle Eastern rhythm to it and uses recorded voices (George Bush, among others) in a way that might remind some of another French band, Demians. Similarly, Toujours Un Gars Sur Un Pont strays into electronic territory with some interesting beats. Meanwhile, songs like Abime and Aimants would have fitted comfortably onto En Avant Doute and are perhaps a sign of the limitations of trying to hold on to such a distinctive sound (although both songs are excellent). Overall, the album has many qualities and is surely Lazuli's most ambitious effort to date..."

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