Led Bib - Live CDEP

This great London quintet (dual alto saxes, keyboards, bass and drums) have been a band for 7 years and releasing albums for 4. Their fresh sound takes jazz and jazz-rock and feeds it through a post-modern skronk blender. They are a huge presence on the UK modern jazz scene and have played major festivals and concert halls in Britain and beyond. This CDEP, which is nearly 36' long, features the band recorded live on August 2, 2007 in perfect sound (you'd never know it was live, except for the great energy of the performances) and features some of their best original repertoire of the time and a great deconstruction and rebuilding of the Talking Heads' "Heaven Can't Wait"! Issued in a limited, numbered edition of 1,000 and unavailable except directly from the band themselves at their gigs. Cuneiform will be releasing their album, Sensible Shoes, in May, 2009!

"Death jazz? Euphoric rock? Whatever term has been applied to Led Bib it’s never quite fit. It’s neither jazz nor rock and roll. And the only consensus that’s been reached is, “I don’t know what it is. But I bloody well like it!”. Led Bib convince in every conceivable way. The trademark stabs of the toms, the oscine flow and the blast of the intertwining saxes, the Rhodes glowing and growing, the bass ever persistent – it all joins up into an intense live show of rawness, wit and charisma. Driving melodies roar at full throttle astounding and mesmerising audiences from Newcastle to the Netherlands. This is a band that has grown together and individually - Liran Donin on bass, Toby McLaren on keys (and the strange noises that emanate from that little box), Chris Williams and Pete Grogan on alto saxes, and of course, the inimitable manically grinning bandleader Mark Holub careering off into the next improbable improvisation, on drums."
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