Led Bib / Sharron Fortnam - It’s Morning

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For their eighth release, Bib founder and leader Mark Holub wanted to try something different from their previous instrumental ‘punk jazz’ leanings and decided to collaborate for the first time with a vocalist!
I am very proud to say that at my suggestion, he met with and decided to work with Sharron Fortnam, the great vocalist from the North Sea Radio Orchestra for a fantastic album of songs that don’t sound anything like Sharron OR Bib’s previous work but still is just perfect!
It’s nothing like it musically, but this is one of those unexpectedly brilliantly great sideways moves that is comparable to Curlew / Amy Denio’s collaboration on “A Beautiful Western Saddle”.
Certainly will be one of the best albums of 2019 for me! And maybe you too! Hugely recommended.

“From the Homeric invocation of ethereal opener "Atom Story," it becomes stunningly clear that It's Morning, the latest album from the uncategorizable UK ensemble Led Bib, is meant to take the listener on a journey. The wide-ranging and evocative set is also a testament to the distance the band has travelled on it's own evolutionary path. If not the endpoint, it at least sits at a far-flung guidepost along a transformative odyssey undertaken by the eclectic ensemble.
Led Bib has long been renowned for it's skronky, livewire fusion of exploratory jazz improvisation with the brute force of heavy rock and the labyrinthine architecture of prog. It's Morning retains an identifiable sense of adventure and virtuosity while marking a vast departure from previous recordings, veering into the realm of elusive, poetic narrative and lysergic beauty.”
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