Leimer, K. - Closed System Potentials

SKU POL03.2002
"Leimer uses piano tape loops, moog synths, guitars and other things to weave his spells of tranquility. It's easy to compare him to Eno but it would be unfair to say that "CSP" is Enoesque because he gives it a quality that is entirely his own founding. Unhurried portals of music linger awhile...then drift away. The most disappointing point for me was the pressing...If ever there was music for the cosmos, this is it. Serene machines indeed. Never boring like so much of the Fripp-Eno loop sequences here is a cycle of infinitely moving parts, an album where every track is interesting to hear without resorting to any electronic trickery which must be really tempting at times. Overall a graceful album of rare beauty."-Contemporary Keyboard
  • LabelPalace of Lights
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