Leimer, K. - Imposed Order

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"...K. Leimer creates similar sound mosaics, albeit with a greater dynamic range and rhythmic drive. He’s been putting out records since 1979 on his Palace of Lights label, sort of a Windham Hill of electronic music. As a Brian Eno disciple, Leimer is also concerned with shaping sound via tape, but he also uses the synthesizer. Imposed Order alternates between a tropical hi-tech sound of pounding percussion-loop rhythms and zooming Doppler effects within atmospheric tone poems. A lone guitar chord, a whispering flue tone, a chorus of train whistles crying down an infinite tunnel – these are the fragments from which Leimer constructs his music. Leimer details each sonic adventure as carefully as Tolkien detailed his Middle Earth. There’s an organic feel to Leimer’s music, and a sense that living beings exist here, however alien."-John Diliberto/Downbeat
  • LabelPalace of Lights
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