Leimer, K. - Land of Look Behind (remastered)

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"A persistent favorite since its original release in 1982, Land of Look Behind has been remastered by Greg Davis, revealing new detail and depth in the studio and field recordings of this almost-soundtrack for the Alan Greenberg film of the funeral of Bob Marley. Robert Palmer wrote in the New York Times that “Mr. Greenberg’s cinematographer was Jorg Schmidt-Reitwein, a longtime associate of Werner Herzog, and his eye for color and detail and use of a pleasantly grainy film stock give "Land of Look Behind" its distinctive appearance and texture. K. Leimer’s electronic background music contributes some drama and a sense of movement. But the film is basically static.” Perhaps he liked the music more than the film itself. Featuring contributions by Steve Fisk, Kevin Hodges and David and James Keller."

"Written as a soundtrack for Alan Greenberg's documentary on the death and funeral of Bob Marley, the music for Land of Look Behind was produced in a little under two months. The music draws extensively on location recordings made for the film, using the voices and place sounds of Jamaica to frame rhythm patterns and cadences. The sound sources range form urban to rural and are applied in both literal and heavily processed forms."

"This is as atmospheric an album as one could ask for - dense polyrhythms mixed with all sorts of wondrous sounds and beguiling aural images. There is a sense of tropical spirits at work, a deep regard for ethnic culture and a reverence for the mysteries of nature. Reference points include Byrne/Eno, Jade Warrior's Floating World, and Jon Hassell's Fourth World soundscapes. The music is intimate, relaxed, and immediate, recognizable while retaining an air of the exotic. A very interesting LP that examines the past while integrating it with today's technology."-OP
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