Leimer, K. / Savant - The Neo-Realist At Risk

"The spectre of Eno also looms over K. Leimer and his Palace of Lights crew from Seattle who make up Savant. Many of the same techniques are used, but instead of ritual trances, Savant has developed a pan-ethnic techno-dub music. Origins are blurred on Shadow In Deceit with African percussion bouncing across the stereo field while the guitars make like Japanese kotos and chimes. Using Words has a backwards vocal track played over a Moroccan rhythm with bent, carnival-mirror guitars. Throughout, electronic and acoustic sounds are clouded through a maze of unidentified taped sounds that fade in and out of the mix. It’s centered by throbbing ostinato bass lines and punchy, syncopated percussives."-John Diliberto
  • LabelPalace of Lights
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