Leimer, K - The Pale Catalog

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"These 10 new pieces by K. Leimer derive from sources and sessions from his prior CD, The Grey Catalog. With an interest in restating existing materials while exploring new methods for reshaping audio, The Pale Catalog uses completed stereo mixes of generative experiments in place of traditional or virtual instruments. These files were extensively reshaped by Bill Seaman using Ableton Live. The result is music derived by transforming an arbitrary juxtapositon of elements into fully structured pieces: an inversion in which composition follows rather than precedes recording. Only minimal additions and editing were made during the final assembly.

The album evolved as a side-exercise during the recording of the Bill Seaman / K. Leimer collaborative project, Deformation, scheduled for release in early 2016.

The Pale Catalog shares attributes that range from unsettled to serene in a language shaped by hundreds of sources and thousands of accidents. As is typical of Leimer’s work, particular attention is given to timbral subtlely and understatement."
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