Lennon, John / Yoko Ono - Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions

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Hey, it’s well over 45 years later and this still sounds like a crazy racket! But it’s a crazy racket this time, with half of it performed with crazy racket titans of the 60s.
The album opens with an improvised recording titled "Cambridge 1969", recorded on 2 March 1969 at Cambridge University, before a live audience.
The piece took up all of the vinyl’s side one and consists of Ono's vocalisations and screaming accompanied by electric guitar feedback from Lennon. The SME (saxophonist Trevor Watts and percussionist John Stevens) join Ono and Lennon near the end of the piece. Watts has also noted that Lennon dismissively said to the other musicians after the performance, “Well, see you on Top Of The Pops, lads....”

“Life With The Lions is the sound of Ono and Lennon validating their love as something impenetrable and timeless. It's when we, the listener, begin to fully understand that the scope of their recording efforts was much more than a recording collaboration, and something closer to a performative documentary, a declaration of 'Our life and our love is our art - every nitty, gritty part of it.'”
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