Lepage, Robert Marcel - 20 H 17 rue Darling

The soundtrack for the film. "A bewitching musical theme overlays this full-length film by Bernard mond. The second movement of Beethovens Ghost Trio (for piano, violin and cello) interweaves with the haunting, dark lyricism of Robert Marcel Lepages film music, in which low chords form the dominant; the film music also mingles with the evanescent voice of the journalist in the film, Grard (played by Luc Picard). Voice, sound effects, original music and pre-recorded music form an indissociable whole. What is fascinating here is that Lepage has written music for20h17 rue Darling that is completely original even though it is impregnated with the pieces that he has chosen from Beethoven, and he has wed his music to the rhythms, the melancholic harmonies, and the powerful essence of the stringed instruments. [Ambiances Magnetiques]
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