Lewis, Mingo - Flight Never Ending

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This reissue marks the first-ever legit issue of this obscure but really good hot fusion album.

"Flight Never Ending was originally released in 1976 on Columbia Records. This CD consists of searing guitar solos, propulsive drumming and synth solos layered with Latin percussion. A must-have for all who enjoy fusion!
This album features two Mingo Lewis compositions recorded by Al DiMeola, 'The Wizard' (on his Land Of The Midnight Sun album) and 'Frankincense' AKA 'Chasin' The Voodoo' (on his Casino album.)"

"Even though this 1976 album is very obscure, it's one of the best 70s Fusion albums ever made, sitting in that top tier and sharing a fundamental idiomatic template with Hymn-era RTF, Cobham's Spectrum, Eleventh House, Santana's Lotus, Lenny White's Venusian Summer, Electromagnets, Jean-Luc Ponty's mid 70s work, etc. I'm not mentioning Mahavishnu because that's just in a totally separate category than everything else ever. This specific style of music is simply one of my absolute favorite things in life and listening to this album is purely orgasmic musical ecstasy just like those other masterworks. Every track here goes for the religious burn and sting, even the lone vocal cut "Visions of Another Time". Usually on these 70s Fusion albums if there are vocal cuts they are bizarre nonsequitur disasters, but the singing on that cut is actually awesome and not commercial or cheesy at all. It just makes the album yet more special. Another special twist is the anomalous Funk Fusion of "Trapezoid" in the vein of RTF's No Mystery, with its slamming lopsided hard groove."-rateyourmusic
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