Licht, Alan/Keiji Haino - Gerry Miles CD

"If You Combine One No New-Yorker (Connie Burg Of Mars), A Talented Pianist (Melissa Weaver), A String-Wrecker (Alan Light Of Run On) And One Japanese Legend/ Icon (Kanji Haines Of Fushitsusha), The Avant-Improv Results Of Their Collaboration Will Astound, Mesmerize And Transport You The Next Solar System. Gerry Miles Was Recorded In St. Peter's Cathedral In Chelsea, & Edited Mastered By Anton Fier"

"Sometimes I find it difficult to listen to a new (to me) piece of music and really get attached to it from the beginning. That was not the case here, all the stranger because the real beauty I found in these pieces comes from the verbal sonics thrown out by Keiji Haino. His screams and shrieks are woven into the sparse organ and percussion work with utter tenderness and faith in the human spirit. I have listened to this for a week straight in the evening before bedtime and I find more and more about this recording each time. This type of music requires active listening, and I know this is a cliche, but the more you're willing to put into it, the more you'll get out of it. If you're already reading this review, then you know what kind of music this is. My only recommendation is that you get it now and stop depriving yourself."-S. Gilmer
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