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"Ligeia Mare is a loose aggregation of musicians within the Boulder/ Denver area who convene to create spontaneous original music.

Amplifier" was recorded live in the studio by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Audio in Denver, CO. The performances were edited by Dave and Farrell at The Detroiter, and a few overdubs were added. The pieces were then sent to Bob Drake, who mixed and mastered the cd.

The inclusion of Mark Harris brings his long musical relationship with Ron Miles into the equation; this makes for deeper harmonic interplay.

As the studio was set up as "stations," Dave, Farrell and Elaine were roving between them, sometimes within a piece, which added to the variety here."
Ron Miles-Trumpet
Mark Harris-Alto Saxophone, Game Calls, Percussion
Farrell Lowe- Electric Guitar, Voice, Percussion, Synth, Zither, Organ
Dave Willey- Bass, Accordion, Synth, Piano, Banjo, Zither, Hurdy-Gurdy, Electric Guitar, Percussion
Elaine di Falco- Piano, Organ, Synth, Voice
Raoul Rossiter- Drums, Percussion, Voice, Tooting

"A project from Colorado, and one of my favorite in the art of combining many musical languages into a new and always morphing shape. With this work they are closer to jazz improvisation, but with an high level of abstraction due to the mix of tonality and atonality, sudden changes into music development, and usual electronics presence. It's enough to listen to Lost Tapes, a masterpiece in that sense, to have a concrete idea of what I mean. A piece where, some of you, will recognize echos of 70's american and european jazz experimentation, but in the same time will be dazed and confused by the morphing into a smoky and dreaming musical landscape. More traditional, but very enjoyable jazz rock in Floater, with a certain cinematic attitude (crime- jazz-movies), while the absolute anarchy "reigns" in Filter sweep; and concrete music in the first part of Botanica, before to fade towards a melancholic trumpet melody, that joins a Spanish acoustic guitar and sensual female voice. The release ends with Under Dead Elms where musicians pay their tribute to Miles Davis, and Evening Light, a more traditional dark jazz ballad. Actually a work I mainly recommend to jazz-improvisation followers, but so beautiful, that every listener with wide range of interest into advangarde music, can enjoy it."-Ra Sonologyst
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