Ligeia Mare - Songs We Never Thought Of

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"Ligeia Mare is a loose aggregation of musicians within the Boulder/ Denver area who convene to create spontaneous original music. This release has standardized artwork on the outside and unique renderings of various and odd assortments on the inner plates of the cover! Each is completely a one-of-a-kind!!

"Songs We Never Thought Of" was recorded live in a concert setting on the professional soundstage of Immersive Studios in Boulder Colorado. The show was then edited into pieces by Dave and Farrell at The Detroiter and sent to Bob Drake, who mixed and mastered the CD.

This fully improvised music ranges from playful to thoughtful, scary to hilarious."
Ron Miles – Trumpet
Farrell Lowe – Prepared guitar, percussion, voice
Dave Willey – Accordion, bass, percussion
Elaine di Falco – RMI Electra piano, percussion, voice
Ernie Crews – Drums, percussion, jaw harp
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