Lightcap, Chris - Superbigmouth

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Craig Taborn: Organ, Piano, Wurlitzer

Tony Malaby: Tenor Saxophone (Solo: Queenside)
Chris Cheek: Tenor Saxophone (Solo: Deep River)
Jonathan Goldberger: Guitar (Solo: Queenside)
Curtis Hasselbring: Guitar (Solo: Quinine)
Chris Lightcap: Bass

Gerald Cleaver: Drums

Dan Rieser: Drums

“Two guitars, two drum kits, two tenor saxophones, bass, keyboards and a whole lot of reverb. Sounds like a ton, no? It helps that Lightcap writes for this new band (a smashup of his two previous concerns, Superette and Bigmouth) with a mix of blissed-out abandon and serious precision: Each instrument’s role is more closely considered than SuperBigmouth’s blistering sound might have you think. On “Through Birds, Through Fire,” your focus is drawn first to the woven ringlets of sax and guitar that become a buzzing electron cloud. But a lot of the action is really happening closer to the nucleus, in Lightcap’s bold-toned, wide-open bass playing, and the drummers’ throttling nine-beat rhythm.”
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