Ligouri, Gianmarco - Ancient Flight Text CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

Second pretty great album by this New Zealand guitarist and composer, performing on guitars, electric bass, and electronics, with Murray McNabb-Fender Rhodes, synthesizer, organ, electronics and Kim Paterson-drums, trumpet, etc. Everyone here is a strong player and this is as tasty of a blend of fusion, progressive rock, psychedelic and much more as can be. REALLY nice packaging too! Highly recommended!

"Ancient Flight Text is Gianmarco Liguori's second album as group director of an ongoing series of experimental recordings. Featuring two highly accomplished and intuitive artists, Murray McNabb and Kim Paterson, Ancient Flight Text is a collaboration between its participants and an exercise in spontaneous composition. Liguori guided the proceedings in his usual ambiguous non-musical manner; the musicians expressing their own ideas within the preconceived framework. The music was mostly improvised in the studio and its complex textures and dynamics often materialise out of the rawest moments. As Liguori explains, "The idea was to allow them to do their thing so they could bring themselves totally into the music. There wasn't any preparation at all on their part because I kind of wanted to get the guys off-guard. For me the excitement in jazz and "primitive" music - or any music for that matter - is when the initial spark of creation has been preserved. Kim has an incredible sense of rhythmic space and harmony while Murray is a master of colour and texture. Both of them have a kind of supernatural connection to music which is why I find it easier to record with them in this way." Avoiding chord progressions for a more hypnotic approach, Gianmarco's current compositions change colour and shape in a linear way, like watching a landscape unfold from a moving train. More room was then left for melodic freedom and chance events. Augmenting Paterson's innovative drumming, Liguori makes use of an early 1970s drum machine on a couple of the tracks, and analogue equipment like tape echo, a home made reverb unit and echo chamber are also used. "There's still a lot of musical territory I'd like to explore in this vein", says Liguori. "I feel like we've only begun to scratch the suface of what we can achieve together.'"
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