Lite - Phantasia

Lite is a Japanese instrumental post-rock/math-rock quartet of dual guitars, bass and drums. This rocks from beginning to end and will appeal to fans of Don Caballero, King Crimson, Sleeping People, Upsilon Acrux, etc. Great stuff and nice cover too. Highly recommended.

"The second full-length from the Japanese instrumentalists is darker and more varied that its predecessor and runs the gamut from Crimson-esque jazz-rock to full-scale guitar assault. With “Phantasia”, LITE is set to cement its reputation as one of the most exciting bands to have emerged from Japan in recent years."

“Captivating from start to finish, Phantasia comes highly recommended” - Rock Sound

“Mind-bendingly complex guitar tessellations and frenetic polyrhythms forming an endless series of thrillingly complex patterns” - Uncut

“LITE...have twisted and turned the formula on its head to deliver a genuinely exciting instrumental album that finally makes post-rock respectable again” - Rock-a-Rolla

“Their instrumental prowess is little short of astonishing, their intricacy a feat of musical strength” - Irish Times

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