Little Women - Lung

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"Lung -- the highly anticipated new album and composition from Brooklyn's genre-defying Little Women -- is an epic without precedent. Where their acclaimed 2010 suite Throat (AUM061) grabbed listeners by their necks from the first seconds, Lung arises slowly from silence to embrace and entrance. Tenor saxophonist Travis Laplante, alto saxophonist Darius Jones, guitarist Andrew Smiley, and drummer Jason Nazary collectively composed and refined this piece over more than a year. It is a collaborative work at the purest level, and is by far their most dynamic work to date. Tone poem evocation, pop group melodicism, all-four-vocal-chords-as-one intonation, and unparalleled shrapnel-sharp/laser-beam-focused shredding are some of the sonic vistas moved through during Lung."
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