Lizard - Half-Live

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Damian Bydlinski / vocals, guitar synth, composer & producer
Daniel Kurtyka / guitar
Paweł Fabrowicz / keyboards
Janusz Tanistra / bass
Mariusz Szulakowski / drums, percussion
Dominika Rusinowska / violin

Despite the title, this is a new studio work by this always excellent and long-lived (nearly 30 years!) Polish progrock band. It is their 7th album and it consists of one long 44’ track.

“Everything is in the right place in here. The instrumentation is very well balanced, every instrument gets some important roles in the structure of the piece, none of them seem more important than the other. The violin feature in the first part of the piece is a really nice touch and recalls the UK and early King Crimson influences. Damian Bydlinski's rich and poetic lyrics (anti-war message, it seems) are great, as always. Too bad all the non- polish listeners are going to miss on that....I'd consider it to be the best Lizard album since the debut. I'm very happy to hear the band in great shape, and wish for more new music, which hopefully will be a bit more experimental and cutting edge. Definitely worth recommendation, especially if you're into classic retro prog.”-progarchives
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