Lo Yo Yo - Extra Weapons / Double Dog Dare CD

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“The Lo Yo Yo was founded by Family Fodder frontman John Pearce, aka Alig, in 1984. They were active for 2 years and released one cassette, one split cassette with Look De Bouk, one full-length LP and appeared on the Local International 15-26 compilation cassette on Recommended.
The band's name comes from a Captain Beefheart song titled Low Yo Yo Stuff on the 1972 Clear Spot LP. The Lo Yo Yo's line-up was very varied and included, along 10 or so other musicians, various Family Fodder members like Mick Hobbs, Felix Fiedorowicz and Rick Wilson. All three also played in The Work and Officer!, sometimes with Pearce himself. Charles Bullen of This Heat occasionally played drums with Family Fodder and co-produced The Lo Yo Yo's unique LP, Extra Weapons, in 1985.
Alig says "It was impossible not to get together. In this era it was compulsory to get a band together with your mates. It was normal to be left-wing, inclusive, anti racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic and in opposition. And to form a band. With or without experience. It started as a rhythm section: Carrie on drums and myself on bass. She brought a mate along (Jo) and so did I (Mick)."
Pearce's punchy bass playing and Carrie Brooks' post-punk drumming form the backbone of The Lo Yo Yo sound, complete with singer Annie Hunt and Mick Hobbs' guitar. This CD collects all tracks from the Extra Weapons LP and the Lo Yo Yo side of the split cassette with Look De Bouk.”
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