Locanda Delle Fate - Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Pui

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Considered by many to be the final great Italian symphonic rock album!

"By 1977, progressive rock in Italy was all but dead. Most of the movement had moved either underground or more towards the experimental (Pierrot Lunaire, Picchio dal Pozzo). It must've been quite the surprise for collectors of the day to see Locanda delle Fate appear on the horizon, with major label backing (Polydor) and the visual eye candy of the gorgeous gatefold fantasy cover. Generally considered the last hurrah for the great Italian music scene, Locanda delle Fate appropriately provide the final benediction. A seven-piece group, with a rather complete instrument line-up consisting of organ, Moog, flute, piano, vibraphone, clavinet, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums and vocals. In some ways, Locanda's album can be considered a move forward, an updated take on the classic sound."-Gnosis/Tom Hayes.
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