Lodge, John - 10,000 Light Years Ago CD + DVD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Deluxe edition of John Lodge’s second solo album, it includes bonus interview and other video material.

“Having been an avid Moodies admirer for almost half a century I was pleased to see that Mr Lodge had quietly recorded a new selection of songs which he released under the title 10,000 Light Years Ago. I was not disappointed despite having waited since '77 for a follow up to Natural Ave!
There is not a bad tune on the entire recording, despite the diversity of the songs and dare I say it a lack of similarity to the more traditional Moody Blues sound. There is only one that harks back to the early 70's and on this he is joined by Ray and Mike and I loved it. The CD ends with the title track and what a cracker.
I'm not sure I'll be around for the next one in 38yrs but this recording was more than worth the wait.”
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