Lord, Jon - Sarabande

Jon Lord is the great Hammond player of the original Deep Purple (and current version as well). This 1976 album is considered by many - including Lord himself, I believe, to be his best (and most proggy) work.

"As Lord wrote in the liner notes, on this classical-rock fusion album, recorded in Deep Purple's dying days, "The theme behind the music on this album is that of a baroque dance suite; a form of music which was brought to its highest level by Bach. The title of each track is the name of a dance used in one of these dance suites, and I have tried to use the same tempo and feel as an original Sarabande, Gigue etc." The wholly instrumental work includes both some purely orchestral/symphonic passages and some fusiony rock chunks, as well as parts where the two forms merge to some extent. Among the rock section, Lord's keyboards are supported by ex-Spencer Davis Group drummer Pete York and a pre-Police Andy Summers on guitar. German composer and conductor Eberhard Schoener conducts the Philharmonica Hungarica Orchestra."-Richie Unterberger/All Music Guide

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