Louise, Sarah - Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars

A great guitarist, following a singular path...this one is somewhere between guitar heroics and laptop electronics...

“Following a series of highly acclaimed solo guitar albums, Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars is Sarah Louise’s most fearless work to date. Louise broadens beyond folk forms, turning streams of raw electric guitar into entire oceans of aural texture. Her rich playing is warped beyond recognition through inventive synthesizing and digital manipulations. The innovative songs mine components of the Appalachian folk music Louise is steeped in, as well as spiritual jazz, contemporary classical, and new age, while drawing intensely personal inspiration from thenatural world.
Louise’s daring blend of heartfelt stream of conscious playing and bold studio processing demonstrate her unique ability to craft poignant music regardless of what tools she uses. She finds harmony rather than dissonance in synthesizing raw and organic materials with the technological.”
  • LabelThrill Jockey
  • UPC790377048322
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