Lunar Notes: Zoot Horn Rollo’s Captain Beefheart Experience by Bill Harkleroad 120 page book (due to size and weight for sale in the USA only) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“As Bill Harkleroad tells us at the beginning of his preface, he can't write. This isn't a professional memoir, and that won't prevent barmy Beefheart nuts from enjoying the book, which reads as if Bill Harkelroad is here talking to you, with regular speech ticks ("totally" and "really" abound) and an absence of editing. Mr Harkelroad often states the obvious, such that Winged Eel Fingerling was "a really colorful person". This is part of the charm, a memoir without artifice. LUNAR NOTES is an ideal companion to John French's vast and fabulously great treasure trove THROUGH THE EYES OF MAGIC.
The two books serve very different aims, and the barmy Beefheart nuts of the world want the full ticket to whatever tales, anecdotes and insider insights are available.
Mr Harkleroad has written with modesty and without guile, in an era of slick professional memoirs aimed with a market researcher's eye at target demographics, and this makes for refreshing re-reading, placing the music, after all the personality stories, at the center of interest.”-Eric Malone
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  • UPC9781908728340
  • UPC9781908728340
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