M(h)ysteria - Family Drug

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Giovanni Di Domenico: hammond organ
Laurens Smet: electric bass
Jakob Warmenbol; drums

A new, Hammond organ-based trio that, at its best, will remind you of why Larry Young rocked the world so hard!

"Family Drug is the premiere recordings of M(h)ysteria, a new trio founded by Giovanni Di Domenico.
While featuring the instrumentation of a classic organ trio, M(h)ysteria charges a rather darker path. Not a swinging session, this is an expression of coping with the chronic tensions of modern daily life, with its inherent distractions and mounting stress, as well as a larger feeling of foreboding. Its sound a symptom of a future glittering with menace.
Keeping the roles of the instruments constantly fluid, the band members push and support each other through Di Domenico’s compositions and an extended spontaneous piece, with the end results reflecting the openness of jazz, the complexity of prog and the noise and eruptions of improv. “Family Drug” places – finally – the Hammond organ where it belongs: Front and center of new and creative music making."

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