Macé, Pierre-Yves - Segments Et Apostilles

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"Born in France and based in Paris, Pierre-Yves Macé is a composer of great imagination and passion. His first recording, “Faux-Jumeaux,” was released on Tzadik in 2002 and he has since released work on Sub Rosa and Orkhêstra to great acclaim. This second CD for Tzadik is his most ambitious project to date and includes a piece that premiered at the prestigious Festival d’Automne in Paris. Standing at the nexus of contemporary classical, electro-acoustic composition and sound art, Pierre is an exciting new voice out of the French new music scene."
Stephanie Chatet: Flute
Nicolas Carpentier: Cello
Esther Davoust: Harp
Simon Drappier: Double Bass
Maxime Echardour: Cimbalom
Camille Giuglaris: Cello
Cédric Jullion: Bass Flute
Pierre-Yves Macé: Electronics, Piano, Samples, Treatments, Studio Processing
Augustin Muller: Vibraphone
Rafaëlle Rinaudo: Harp
  • LabelTzadik
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