Mad River - Mad River / Paradise Bar and Grill (remastered)

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This reissue, in fine, remastered sound from the folks at BGO who always do a good job, presents the entire oeuvre this band.

The first, self-titled album from 1968 is a weirdo classic of San Francisco psychedelia that was a big influence on Roger Trigaux. Typically normal 1968 psych singing with odd/Beefheartian instrumental backing. Conditionally highly recommended.

The second album adds more country influences isn't as overtly weird, but it's still psychedelic with some twisted country influences.

"The dark side of the psychedelic experience, sounding like a soundtrack to a bad trip with its bleak, enigmatic lyrics, swirling, somewhat dissonant arrangements, and relentlessly minor melodies. The longer tracks meander at times, but the hell-bent jerking tempos of "Merciful Monks" and "Amphetamine Gazelle, " as well as the chilling closing lullaby "Hush Julian" still pack a punch."-Ritchie Unterberger/All Music Guide
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