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This is a fine, totally professionally recorded progressive rock release from 1976, that somehow never made it out, until ProgQuebec discovered it and released it on CD, 40 years later. This is its first issue on vinyl and comes in a numbered, limited edition of 500 copies.
Like many of the other bands during Quebec’s golden age of progressive rock, there is a lot of influence from the major UK names and also a lot of influence from Gentle Giant (who, admittedly, were more popular in Quebec than they were in the USA).

“More than 40 years after its creation, music from another era has resurfaced thanks to this self-titled album, the only one ever recorded by Quebec City based MAELSTROM. The record, produced in 1976 at Andre Perry’s legendary Le Studio in Morin-Heights, is a buried treasure of sound that preserved the freshness and energy of this mythical group and was waiting all this time to be discovered and appreciated for all its worth.
Melding unbridled virtuosity and exceptional creativity, the music and lyrics of the album MAELSTROM will catapult you into a vortex of sounds and allegories that almost makes you spin as you get the feeling of being swept far away from everything. From the opening notes, the listener is immersed in a musical universe reminiscent of that of groups such as Gentle Giant, Yes, King Crimson and Genesis, but with a sound signature uniquely and truly Quebecois.
Having joined together in 1971 under the name WAY-OUT, three of the original members, Denis Poliquin (guitar, vocals), Jacques Montminy (keyboards), Gérard Masse (drums) met at the Quebec Music Conservatory. Later on, Jean Hudon joined on bass, and in 1974 the group took on a new name, MAELSTROM, and added the very talented percussionist Robert Lépine (xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, percussion). The band performed live and toured until 1978, notably opening for renowned international groups such as Premiata Forneria Marconi, Van der Graff Generator and Strawbs, as well as sharing the stage with Quebec superstars like Nanette Workman for a memorable show at La Ronde in 1975, and Lucien Francœur of the group Aut'Chose.”
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