Magick Brothers - Live At The Witchwood 1991 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Daevid Allen - guitar & vocals
Graham Clarke – violin
Mark Robson - keyboards& didgeridoo.

“Apparently a one-time side project for Gong main man Daevid Allen. 'Live At The Witchwood, 1991' is basically good trippy 'head' music. Plenty of that Allen type of wit that many of us have come to expect.
Eleven tracks with a duration of 73:10. Some exclusive cuts to this disc as well as several Gong obscurities, like "Zero Theme", "Magick Brothers" (off the very first Gong lp of the same name) and the 12-minute "Wise Man In Your Heart". Also some Allen solo material "I Am My Own Roadie" and "Trial By Headline". A should-have.“-Mike Reed
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