Magma - Bourges 1979 : 2 x CDs

Back in print, in remastered and slightly improved form.
This show is taken from the Attahk tour, recorded April 17, 1979. While it is simply a soundboard stereo recording, a lot of work has been done to make it sound as good as possible, and it sounds pretty darn good. .
This was a difficult period for Magma; times were changing and the amazing complex, other-worldly sound they were best known for was falling out of favor. To me, this album is a document of the sound of a band struggling; struggling to keep an audience, struggling to reinvent themselves while retaining their sound, struggling to stay relevant to people who were too willing to write them off. .
Some of the old guard remain and there are many new faces as well: .
Klaus Blasquiz, Stella Vander, Maria Popkiewicz, Liza Deluxe-vocals
Andre Herve-Fender Rhodes, synthesizer.
Jean-Luc Chevalier-guitar and bass.
Michael Herve-bass.
Christian Vander-drums and voice
and guest Rene Garber-vocals ..

The tracks are: Entrée en scène (1:06), Retrovision (16:42), The Last Seven Minutes (10:44), Ürgon Gorgo (12:04), Korusz XXVI, (21:07), Entrée en scène (0:30), Hhai (10:55), Nono (8:14), Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (28:32)
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