Magma - Bourges 1979 : 2 x CDs

The latest release from Magma's archive series is this show taken from the Attahk tour, recorded April 17, 1979. While it is simply a soundboard stereo recording, a lot of work has been done to make it sound as good as possible, and it sounds pretty darn good. This was a difficult period for Magma; times were changing and the amazing complex, other-worldly sound they were best known for was falling out of favor. To me, this album is a document of the sound of a band struggling; struggling to keep an audience, struggling to reinvent themselves while retaining their sound, struggling to stay relevent to people who were too willing to write them off. Some of the old guard remain and there are many new faces as well: Klaus Blasquiz, Stella Vander, Maria Popkiewicz, Liza Deluxe-vocals, Andre Herve-Fender Rhodes, synthesizer, Jean-Luc Chevalier-guitar and bass, Michael Herve-bass, Christian Vander-drums and voice and guest Rene Garber. The tracks are: Entrée en scène (1:06), Retrovision (16:42), The Last Seven Minutes (10:44), Ürgon Gorgo (12:04), Korusz XXVI, (21:07), Entrée en scène (0:30), Hhai (10:55), Nono (8:14), Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (28:32)
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