Magma - Concert Bobino 1981 2 x CDs + DVD

This was previously released as two separate packages (double CD and DVD). Now it's all combined at a lower price point!
1981 was probably Magma's nadir, but even so, there is some decent to good stuff on here and a few really good players (Benoit Widemann, Jean-Luc Cheavlier, Dominique Bertram, etc.) all wearing amazing, ridiculous, new wave/sci-fi costumes. The picture quality is a bit blurry but more than watchable.
Think of it as an official bootleg, which is actually what it is, and know that the money goes to the band rather than some creep, and you might feel better about the whole thing.
I can't exactly 'recommend' this, but I enjoyed parts of it significantly more than I thought I would. Still, if you see God while listening to THIS album, as opposed to all their other truly great albums, please see your doctor!...

"A live concert performance, studio quality recording. This is the post-classic Magma, for me, with more pyrotechnics and jazz-funk, and less Stravinsky and Coltrane-lyricism than the earlier works. There are still stunning moments and some quintessential Vander stretches that Magma afficianados will treasure. As well as a lot of otherwise unavailable pieces."-Chris Cutler
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