Magma - Kohntarkosz CD

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One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This one is rightly considered an avant/progressive classic and is definitely one of Vander's greatest and most totally unfathomable compositions. And the performance is stunning beyond belief as well.
Be prepared for some intense listening, as these all feature amazing playing & a truly twisted vision.
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One of the all time great avant prog albums!!! Features the excellent two part, 30 minute title piece, as well as two shorter pieces. One of the shorter pieces is Ork Alarm, one of Jannick Top's crazed compositions, while the other is extremely gorgeous and highly underrated Coltrane Sundia. This album belongs in the collection of every avant prog fan. If you've never heard Magma, this is a good place to start (and in fact, I prefer this version of Kohntarkosz to any of the live versions, due to some of the tweaking Christian Vander made to the composition after this recording was made).
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I agree with the first review. I was not a real Magma fan until 2004's Ka. I have since backtrack the bands catalog entirely. This is the best album of the band.
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