Magma - Mythes et Legends Volume Three DVD

In May, 2005, Magma took over the wonderful Parisian club "Le Triton" for four weeks with an ambitious, over the top project; a retrospective of 35 years of Magma music, showcasing some of their best known pieces from 1970 to the present. The four sold-out weeks were a major success. This is the third of a series of four DVDs which capture the best of these performances for the world beyond Le Triton to enjoy them. The band here includes the current line-up of Magma (Christian Vander, Stella Vander, James Mac Gaw, Emmanuel Borghi, Philippe Bussonnet, Isabelle Feuillebois, Antoine Paganotti, Himiko Paganotti) with guest keyboardist Benoit Widemann back in the fold. Tracks are: Kohntarkosz Lihns, Emehnteht-Re (Emehnteht-Re pt. 1 / Rindoh / Emehnteht-Re pt. 2 / Hhai / Zombies), Nono, The Last Seven Minutes (which also has a drums-only viewing angle) The emphasis here is on the very great and intense 1974-1977 era (Kohntarkosz, Live/Hhai, Attahk). Total time is about 2 hours and this is beyond unbelievably wonderful. Highly recommended.

"I have just finished watching it and all i can say is... wow. Seriously, wow. I'm really pleased to report that the sound mix on the third volume is fantastic, (i thought vol. 2 suffered from the bass too upfront in the mix and totally buried vocals, the performance was still mindblowing though). It's very hard to pick highlights...'Lihns' has lead vox from Vander, and is an absolutely fantastic version, 'Kohntarkosz' is a good compromise between the super slow, super zeuhl early version and the more energetic arrangement on 'Live/Hhai'. 'Emehnteht-Re' is just fantastic. It's not the whole piece, they were not playing the 'Big Zombie' section at this point.... The Minimoog playing of Benoit Widemann is what really makes this for me, his solos on 'Hhai' are just mindblowing. James Mac Gaw and Emanuel Bhorgi are absolutely stellar as on every other live performance I've heard. Vander's vocals are absolutely top notch here, and Antoine absolutely shines on 'Nono' and 'The Last Seven Minutes'... In my opinion, the best of the set so far..."- Stephen Patterson (as posted on

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If you gotta only own one Magma DVD, this is the one. With a stunning and full-on version of Kohntarkhosz and and early version of stringing the individual parts of Emehnteht-Re together into the long suite released under that title couple of years later.
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