Magma - Slag Tanz CDEP

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One of the few completely new titles by the revived and reinvigorated Magma captured in the studio, Slag Tanz is one of the group's two new pieces that they regularly perform live (along with the previously released Felicite Thosz) and it's a really good one!

The band on this recording is:
Stella VANDER : chant
Isabelle FEUILLEBOIS : chant
Hervé AKNIN : chant
Benoît ALZIARY : vibraphone
James MAC GAW : guitare
Jérémie TERNOY : piano
Philippe BUSSONNET : basse
Christian VANDER : batterie, piano, chant

"Slag Tanz - a masterpiece of symphonic metal - has previously only been heard in live performance. Not surprisingly, the album radiates with all of Magma's singular intensity. Powerful, hypnotic and unclassifiable, there has been absolutely nothing to compare to them in the last fifty years."
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Great music, but VERY short--about 21 minutes. (editor's note: We DID list it as an EP)
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Yes, CDEP. Sorry, I Missed that. So in that case I'd bump my rating up to a five star. It really is a terrific piece.
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